Monday, April 9, 2012

A Simple Easter

We were late to pull out the Easter Decor, but when I did...Taylor decorated our little Easter tree, then pulled out the bunnies that talk and dance.  Blake pulled out the window clings and the fighting began, they both wanted to stick them on!  I had to be military Mom and make them count them out equally.  
Taylor decorated herself while she was at it!!!

We saved the egg decorating until Saturday evening, so that Daddy could be home for it.  Taylor asked me all day if it was time to do the eggs...finally, I let her call him and in her sweetest little voice, she asked if she could decorate "just one" little egg...of course, we know the answer!  We started using these egg markers and we all decided to just skip the dyeing and use our imaginations to create masterpieces.  They decorated special eggs for each special person, labeled with their names.

That night, we set out their special Easter baskets on the table for the Easter Bunny to fill.  The Easter Bunny brought each of them a book, a puffle, a bug-catching net, and a chocolate rabbit! A squeaky duck was left for Sophie (even though she is so scared of it, she thinks it's crying or something! lol!)  He also hid some eggs outside for them to find...most of them had coins inside! 

Blake helped Tay get to her purple egg.  The Easter Bunny made it easy
for them by hiding purple eggs for Tay and green eggs for Blake, that
way there was no fighting or worry about who got more!  Smart Bunny!

eggs collected, it's it was also quick!

Since the kids were up before 6am, it was no rush to get ready for church this year.  It also helped that I had decided not to make a big Easter dinner (for the 1st time in my life), there was no stress of last minute preparations.  We relaxed, ate some candy, got dressed up, did some Easter pictures, then headed to church. 

It was my week to greet at church.  I love getting to do great that I get to hug and meet every single person that comes!  Church was awesome,  they did so much for the kids...we are truly blessed with a church that we absolutely love being part of! 

Aunt Susie came back to the house with us and had brought us a pasta dish, I made a nice salad and some garlic bread to go along with it, it was perfect, with carrot cake for dessert!  The kids played with their new goodies, I lounged by the pool in the sun, then we all took Sophie for a walk to the basketball courts and played around.  It was a wonderful Easter!

soooo busy with their new books!!!