Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter to Remember, Easter Sunday 2013

At church, we have been following along with "The BIBLE Series" on the History Channel. It has been an amazing 4 week journey that has really brought us together as a family. We look forward to watching the 2 hour event each Sunday night. It concluded on Easter Sunday, so we had really been looking forward to it.

I was slow to decorate, even though, friends from church gave us the most adorable decorations. I usually make a week-long celebration out of most holidays by spreading out crafts and fun stuff for days prior, I slacked on that this year too. The day before Easter, we colored the eggs and did some fun crafts. Then we got out the traditional Easter Bunny Baskets, along with some beautifully colored eggs, for the Easter Bunny.

sticking his tongue out...just like his snakey basket!
The kids woke on Easter morning to a dining table full of goodies. Blake got a speed cup stacking set, candy, Pokemon Cards, and the Lego New Testament Brick Bible. Taylor got a diary that locks with a key, two "kissing" puppies, Pokemon Cards, and candy. They got to go out and search for their eggs in the front yard...they were filled with tiny candies and dollar bills!

Aww...the Easter Bunny even brought Sophie
a carrot and a baby hedgehog!

First one outta bed and she can hardly wait
to get "her" Easter goodies...silly dog!

He has been wanting cup stacks for months

YAY! She finally got it!! Happy Day!!!

We got ready for church and headed out. They ran to find Aunt Sissy and hugged her in the parking lot! Today was Family Service Day, so the kids stayed upstairs for the message. They got paint shirts put on over their clothes and sat on stage near Eric, who painted a masterpiece, as Pastor Kevin spoke. The message was perfect, reassuring us that God really did send his own son to die, just to save US! The pain that Jesus went through, to save us, is unimaginable, and the fact that he is RISEN... we are ever so thankful. At the end of the message, Eric showed the painting he, and the children, had been working on...amazing!

Love that this pic shows Blake's half-tucked shirt...
so so so typical, he hates tucking!
The kids ran outside to do an Easter Egg Hunt at church, they got a ton of candy! Then we headed home to eat a yummy dinner with the family.  Then we got lazy and just hung out, then went for a walk and got geared up for the conclusion of THE BIBLE.  As we were watching Paul get changed from Christian killer to missionary for Jesus, Blake told us that he really wanted to be water baptized at church, he was ready to do it.  He wants to declare that he is Christian and spread the word to help people. I cried...what a happy happy day, that your child decides, on his own, that he is ready and "wants" to do this! I am loving the fact that we have not pushed him, not even a little, to make this descision. I will schedule him for his baptism!  Also, after watching Jesus die for us and then rise, Blake let me know that the anxiety that he has been having a night has changed into a happy feeling, now that he understands what exactly Jesus did for him. This was the best Easter I have ever had!