Monday, March 28, 2011

I can hear the ocean, Mommy!

At the dentist a couple weeks ago, they had lots of sea shells around to look at.  Taylor and I were putting the conch shells up to our ears and listening to the "ocean".  She was absolutely amazed at the sound! 

She comes up to me tonight with a big rock to her ear, " I can hear the ocean, Mommy!!!"  and she says it with complete and total amazment!  I just love little ones :) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blake's first flag football practice

Today, after church, we headed to Blake's first football practice.  His coach was absolutely awesome!  He taught the kids some great starter points and had them doing some really cool, age-appropriate, drills. 

first practice throws to Dad

following the leader !!!

This is how to grab the ball!


All I wanna do is "lose" my two front teeth

Blake lost one upper front tooth weeks ago and has kept the tooth in a safe little jewelry box.  He has mixed feelings about whether he wants to give up the tooth to the tooth fairy for some cash, or save it as a keepsake!  

As the second front tooth got more and more wiggly...he decided that he would put both of the front teeth under his pillow at the same time to see what the tooth fairy might leave since it's his "two" front teeth together!!!!  HMMMMmmm...I wonder how much $$$ she should leave for both of them??!?!?!

He has babied this wiggly tooth for a couple weeks and tonight, it was finally too loose for him to eat his dinner, so he went around sucking his spit in, making terrible whistling noise, until I just chased him down, and grabbed it out with a paper towel...he said that wiggled it, but then we sent him to the mirror and he noticed that it was gone!!  YAY!  He's one happy camper to get it out!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taylor Ann & the Terrible (oops...i mean TERRIFIC) two's

Now that Taylor turned three, I am continually looking back over this past year of the two's.  I absolutely love them!  I know my close friends and family might think I've hated them, I do complain about the craziness that this two year old has added to my life, but that's because that's exactly how she acts when I'm on the phone with them!  She does have these certain things that drive me demanding Christmas music within 3 seconds of getting in the truck.  I buckle her up, start to get in my seat, and right before my door even gets closed, I count backwards in my head....3-  2--- 1--"Mommy, turn on Kismas Muzic.....YAY!!!"   I refuse to do it without a "please", and a "thank you", but even with the polite words added by her as an afterthought, I want to say NO and turn on my jams for once...why don't i?  Why let a tiny princess girl in the backseat rule what I listen to??  Well, I could turn on my music, but when her cries for Krismas Muzic are louder than my song, I just get more upset that I can't hear it!!  So Jingle Bells, jingle bells...all the!   She follows me around claiming to be "hungie" right after a meal, she insists upon dressing herself, even though we have to be out the door in 2 minutes, and pulling that skirt up by herself takes at least 5!!  I can ask her to do something and she says "I just can't", but then as soon as Blake offers to do it, she demands to be the one to DO IT!!  How can something so sweet and tiny be SOOO unbearable?  I guess the same way that this little stinker mighty girl can melt my heart with a wink of her eye, or a "tank you, Mommy"  just for fixing her breakfast, and I can't forget the little high-pitched squeaky voice that belts out EVERY single word of Every one of the Christmas songs that she has demanded!  I drive and smile the whole way, how could I complain about that?!?  The way she lays her head on my shoulder and rubs my back, the way she yells "Mommmmmy!!!" with her arms open wide for an embrace, when I walk in the door after being gone for a whole 15 minutes!  I look at her and love her more than I could have ever imagined.  I am so worried that she is growing up way too fast...


NOW   I'M   "FREE"   (three)