Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The kids have been ready for Halloween, for a while now! Taylor started out wanting to be Snow White, then she found some skeleton pajamas and decided she would scarier, now she dug out a witch's costume...Taylor is a Princess Witch and Blake is a Minecraft Enderman. 
she has been waiting on them, all day...

The kids requested chicken n' dumplings, pumpkin pie and egg nog...yes, I know that is crazy, but...I don't let them keep their candy, so I can at least serve them a yummy dinner. We did, however, skip the pumpkin pie, and they each got 4 pieces of their candy. We will be giving the rest away.

even Mommy can be scary! 

We ate, got dressed, prepared goodie bags to give away to the visiting trick-or-treaters, and waited for Daddy to get home. As soon as he got home, we headed out the door to hit the neighborhood and do our trick-or-treating! We were met by our neighbor friends, Nick and Ben, so we walked with them around the block, the kids were having a blast with their friends to go with!  This is the second year that they have gotten to go together, this just may become a tradition!

Taylor was the only little girl with 3 older boys, she hangs right in there with them...actually, the boys let the "witch" go first, in place of "ladies first", that was sweet!  We saw several friends from school and found that a few live very close!

As we walked with the kids, down the neighborhood streets, I felt very blessed to live where we do, knowing people on each street, and to have these sweet kiddos, to take out on this fun evening. The sound of Taylor squeeling with delight as she ran, casting spells on the boys, was music to my ears. Blake was so proud of the costume we made together, this was a great year. We even came home and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! I try very hard, to slow down, and just enjoy these wonderful times, tonight was definitely a night that we all enjoyed.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taylor on 1950's Day

It's a kindergarten tradition to have a 1950's day, on the 50th day of school!  We made her a poodle skirt by printing out a pattern online, then cutting it out of pink construction paper. I wish I had pink felt, that would have been perfect but...since we waited until the night before, we did the best we could.  I tacked the pink poodle on with a needle and thread. It turned out really cute!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

It all worked out that Billy was off on a day that the kids were off too...we headed for the pumpkin patch! We decided to go to one in Chesterfield, that we had never been to before, called Rombach's.  We enjoyed the weather and got to see a new place, it was a wonderful day!

haunted house!

picking cotton & digging up peanuts