Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Happenings

February was filled with brew tasting, solo outings with my girl, volleyball, and a band competition. I now have resorted to stealing pics of Blake from his snapchat account because he wont let me take his photo..teenagers! Taylor dressed as a DJ for career day and as a teacher for a day! 



Saturday, February 25, 2017

Taylor's 9th Birthday

How can this sweet girl be 9??? This is the last year of single digits, this tiny fact makes me sad, where is my baby girl? This girl will always be my girl, she is my lil' buddy, she is growing up so fast and I see such growth and change. She is a sweet friend, cares about others feelings, and has a such a kind heart. She is starting to come out of her shell, she has a wonderful teacher that is helping with this! She speaks to adults, can do more things on her own, and is really losing some of that shyness, this girl is my heart!

This year, her actual birthday fell on a Saturday...this means that we could celebrate and party on ONE DAY! Sometimes birthdays spread over 3 to 4 days because it falls on a school day and friends can't join us until the weekend, this year was great!

 The birthday girl woke to a decorated house, candle-topped honey bun, & gifts to open! She got a sequence pillow and the sloth she wanted since Christmas. Then we surprised her by taking her upstairs to see a tv in her room! She has always wanted a tv in her room...she is hoping it would help her to sleep in there better. She must be one special girl!

After school, she got to have some friends over for a birthday celebration sleep over! We planned it out to be a dj dance party. We all worked really hard to make the front room party perfect! She invited Evie, Maddie, Addy, & Ashlynn...it was a fun evening filled with music, dancing, movies, pillow case painting, games and eventually ending the next morning with pancakes "thrown" by Daddy! Happy birthday to my big 9 year old party gal!

She actually did get to squeeze a bit of extra birthday celebration out of things because Aunt Regina & uncle Wayne sent her a super duper pop out card and $20! Aunt Sissy gave her money and panera bucks..lucky gal!