Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Blake Is Officially a Teen

Today, we celebrate 13 years with the greatest boy on Earth! This kid cracks us up, teaches us with his wisdom, and allows us to enjoy his company...even though he is officially a teen now! We are so blessed with this fella.

The night before his bday, we got the dining room all set for his big day. Taylor, especially, worked super hard to get it customized for his big teen reveal! She was running around with all these ideas, blowing up balloon after balloon, making cards and thinking of additional gifts to add at the very last minute. I love that both of the kids love to make things special for each other.

Blake woke up to streamers, his official birthday iced Honey Bun with candle atop, a Starbucks Cappuccino and gifts to open. Of course, we did the whole birthday song and peanut butter cake to boot!

After school on Friday, I let him have Nico over to celebrate. We took them to Pizza Street Buffet for unlimited chow down! Tay got to bring Addy too. It was the perfect place to take two teenage boys!

Aunt Sissy gave him some money and Panera bucks, and Aunt Regina and Uncle Wayne gave him a really cool pop up card and money too! He is so blessed!