Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

This New Year's Eve, we made dips, wings and apple cake. We played two new board games, including "what am I" and "5 second rule"...we especially liked the What am I game! It was hilarious! We played Nintendo Switch too. Taylor started blowing her recorder as we watched the New York ball drop and brought 2018 in with a bang and a clank on some pots and pans! It was freezing cold out! Burrr!

Monday, December 25, 2017

It's Christmas...Santa came!

The kids woke up to blessings from Santa! I requested for Santa to not bring Sophie any treats because they make her tummy hurt...I won't do that again...she was devastated to have to watch the kids open stuff without getting anything! Tay even had to go get her some green beans to calm her down. Taylor took time to read the note that Buddy had left for them before opening gifts. Blake got Star Wars Battlefront 2 xbox game with a live giftcard,and some ripped up skinny jeans. Tay got a clay set, a writing book and a digital drawing tablet. THEN...they saw a gift that was wrapped half for Blake and half for Tay! They opened it to find a nintendo switch and games! Wow, they must have been really good for the man in the red suit!!


I relaxed on the couch, while the kiddos checked out their stuff, enjoying some apple pie from Mike and Mandy. Perfect Christmas morning! The boys started to get ready for the new Star Wars movie. Tay and I hooked up the Nintendo and got Christmas dinner ready. Aunt Sissy came and made slime with Taylor, then Aunt Susie showed up and the boys got back from the movie so round 2 of Christmas began! Aunt Susie bought us a spiral cut ham to cook to make sandwiches with, and I made some sides to go along with it. Then we played an extra game that I threw together, the saran wrap game. It actually turned out to be pretty fun! I definitely want to play it again next year! Aunt Susie brought us gifts too...Tay got a hoodie, Blake got some cash, Diana and Danny got a Fuzzy Taco gift card, I got a crossbody bag, and Billy got some slippers. Another blessed Christmas! Again, thankful for our Savior....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Sullivan Family Christmas Eve

There are a few things that I am very thankful...stayed the same. Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny still came over on Christmas Eve to celebrate with us. The day began with a dusting of snow, just enough to make it a white Christmas and to take Sophie outside to play! Well, it was fun until the poor puppy slipped and fell. :( This big ol' pup knows Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny are coming, so she literally just stands at the window waiting and watching. We got ready for our evening snacks and family time. The kids did beg to open a gift so we let them open one. They both had matching gifts that were not new, but appreciated none the less...our galaxy note 5 phones! Taylor got her own "real" phone number and was ecstatic.

They finally got here! Let the festivities begin...present opening, food eating, and game playing! They loaded Tay up with tons of slime making supplies. Cases of shaving cream and a gallon of glue! Slime-making kits and a cute hedgehog. She also got $100! Blake got a gaming keyboard from them, as well as a couple drones and money too...which he kinda already spent on a crazy pair of shoes! They are so spoiled by Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny!!! Even Sophie got a new blanket and a huge bed! She is worse than the kids, begging to open presents...she loves it so much, it's adorable to watch!


Taylor gave Bubby a hoodie that he was really wanting and he gave her a fitness tracker watch. They even hugged...awww! Blake got to open the shoes he has been waiting for, he was thrilled. He also got a replacement smart watch since his broke. Taylor got slippers and a drawing book that she has been wanting. Daddy picked his own gifts for his music studio, speaker monitor stands and a new microphone. We got him a harmonica and learning dvd. He also got coffee & super beets. I got the cross necklace that I've wanted for years, love it!! Taylor and Blake got me a keychain and Billy got me dollars to spend on my blog books..yay! He also got me two massagers, but i took them back and ordered a My sister got me a butter churn and a butter those too!

After gifts, we ate chips and dips, lil' smokies, cookies and candies. Then we played some new games. One was the white elephant dice was fun to buy the $5 gifts, but playing it was weird because we already knew what most of the gifts were and exchanging kept bringing the kids to chose the gifts they bought. Maybe we were doing it wrong, but it was fun to see all the silly gag gifts. We ended the night with the reading of Twas' the night before Christmas and set out cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. Thank you God, for giving us the best gift of all...your love and your son...Jesus!