February 25, 2008     7lb 14oz     20" long
Blake was 3 years old when we found out that a baby was on the way.  Again, we weren't exactly "ready" for another child.  (We had even said that we couldn't have another until we got Blake figured out!)  This time I had no doubts, I knew I wanted two kids, I didn't want Blake to be an only child.  And the fact that it was a baby girl was just perfect in my book!  My Mom said that she already knew it was a girl and instead of being happy, I was very sad, by this time, Mom had already been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  With this pregnancy I tried to not talk about it because I knew that Mom would probably never get to meet this baby...actually, I really do not recall much of this pregnancy at all.  I just remember worrying that the baby could be harmed by the overwhelming stressful situation with Mom.  As it turns out, both pregnant Mommas and babies in bellies are very resilient!  Mom passed away 3 months later, and although I couldn't imagine having a baby without her around, the rest of the pregnancy and delivery went perfect...  Billy and Blake were both there in the delivery room the entire time and as my Sister made her appearance, so did Taylor Ann.  This time, as they layed her on my chest, there WAS this instant "love at first sight" !!!  Taylor proved to be my little blessing over and over again...without her, I'm not sure I could have made it through losing Mom. 

I have really taken time to just watch her sleep and be little.  I don't want to rush any part of it...I know she is our last child, so I try to soak it all up.  To see Blake be such a wonderful big brother to her makes my heart happy!  He is patient and kind and ever so forgiving to her!  I never expected him to be able to share attention like he does...it amazes me! 

Taylor is 2 years old now.  She has the "determined" gene from Blake! lol!  She is very independent and mighty, but sweet as well..." I yuv yuuu dis muck !!!"  she says with her arms stretched wide!!! 

I love these kids with all of my heart and literally thank God EVERYDAY for them !!!