Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN !!!

Halloween is something that the kids and I really look forward to.  It's another favorite thing about having kids...watching them get all dressed up in pretend clothes and walk the neighborhood, scoring candy!

This Halloween was different, easier...maybe because Blake is getting older or maybe because I am learning how to make things easier as the years go by...who knows, maybe I'll be a pro by the time the kids are grown! lol! In the years past, I started asking the kids what costume they wanted a month in advance, so I could find them at a consignment store or yard sale, but this year neither kid was worried about being a certain character. They were both happy to wear whatever we had around.

Finn, Princess Merida from Brave, and a creepy Daddy too!

Taylor wore her Brave wig and bow that Aunt Sissy had
bought her after watching the movie! And the dress
was something we had in the dress up clothes!!

Blake decided to be Finn from his favorite cartoon,
Adventure Time!  I had ordered the hat, custom
made off eBay a month ago as a Christmas gift...but
oh well, it was an inexpensive costume and still his winter
 hat too!
This Halloween was the best one ever, mostly because Aunt Sissy came with us!!  The kids would rather hang out with Aunt Sissy than do anything, just her coming over was like a holiday to them! 
I had put a pot of white chicken chili in the crock to make for an easy dinner, we ate and then hit the streets.  We only walk around the block, we love visiting our neighbors, and one block is plenty of candy for everyone!
They sure made a haul!  I let them pick their 10 favorite pieces and we gave
the rest away!
We had to get back in time, to turn on our porch light, and give candy out to our fellow trick-or-treaters...Blake's friend came by, dressed as another Finn and they took him back around the block!  He loved getting to go again, and Taylor held down the fort here, giving out candy!  She loves this part!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blake's 3rd grade Fall Party

I love getting to be a part of Blake's class activities and parties! Here's some party pics with Blake, Lexy, and Kara!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

We went to the Boo at the Zoo this year and it was adorable! We are members, so it was very inexpensive and worth the drive. The kids wore costumes and the zoo really treated us to a special event!

Blake was Finn, from Adventure Time!

Taylor was a good little witch!

Blake picked me a flower at the fountain

Since we went on a Wednesday evening, it wasn't crowded so we got to really take our time and explore the zoo at night.  Their were craft stations here and there, Halloween lights, spooky snack shops, and "haunted" rides. There were bubbles blowing all over the place with lights strung everywhere. Taylor loved running through all the bubbles the best!  They got to ride the haunted carousel and then we headed to the Children's zoo where we got to hear ghost stories around a fire, and see a pirate show with live animals in the act. 

Driving the zoo train!

these things were opening and grabbing at you in the
garden as you walked by...Billy held Tay up and
she thought it was going to gobble her up!
Taylor the vet, looking at real animal x-rays
Blake made a masterpiece cookie!

The very best part, we saved for last.  The "only enter if you are 12 years or older" exhibits.  Of course, we took our kiddos in with us and it really was scary.  The first one had gigantic venus fly traps trying to eat you alive!  Blake was leading the group with us and we happened upon a huge garden we stared with curiosity, it jumped at us...we both screamed like girls!
The last tour we did was another one for 12 years and up, they took us into a cave area with a swamp.  A crazy lady led us through to "swamp woman", she was creepy, but it was the hidden Big Foot jumping out of the woods to run after us and chase us away!  We jumped and ran a bit, but there were kids, literally bawling with fright.  We love a good scare! 

This was an awesome night to spend with the family, I am so glad we decided to try it out!

Pumpkin Carving Night!

I love carving the pumpkin!  We usually buy several pumpkins that we decorate different ways but this year, we got one single pumpkin to carve together.  The kids worked together to figure out the design, with minimal fighting, and decided on a vampire pumpkin!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Annual trip down Spooky Lane

In a close neighborhood there is a cul-de-sac that does a huge display for Halloween. We go for a visit each October, because they really go "all out" with this spooky decorations!  We park up the street and then walk around the displays.
a guy in an electric chair was 1st at the was
very realistic, buzzing and vibrating...yikes!
This year, Billy had to carry Taylor while Blake walked around being "brave", saying, "oh, that wasn't scary", but it WAS.  A big hairy tarantula spider jumped out of a box toward him and he jumped so hard...he was embarassed, I was happy.
tons of baby zombies...the most creepy least the kids "know"
that this stuff doesn't actually exist...but still...
To be honest, much of the stuff was too gorey.  It was downright creepy. Poor Tay went to church the next morning to tell her Sunday school teacher about everything she saw...I had to explain that it was all "pretend" stuff! May not go back again, too scarey...both kids begged to sleep with us that night! 

The kids talk about this one b/c she was rocking her
zombie baby really HARD..yuck!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

My dear friend, Melissa and I decided to take the kiddos to a local pumpkin patch.  We decided to go to Daniel's Farm, they really do-it-up to have fun in the fall!  Richy, Blake, and Taylor had a blast!

They got to ride the tractor-pulled barrel train around the property, swing in huge tire swings, go down slides through a hill, and play in the maze! 

Some of the funnest stuff is in their greenhouse, it's made for younger kids but our kids still really enjoy digging and burying each other in the corn, petting the animals, and hiding in the straw maze!

It was an awesome day and a great way to spend with a wonderful friend....we always have a ball!  (oh yeah, the kids had fun