Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm 33 now!!

On my birthday we went to Chevy's Tex Mex with Aunt Sissy, Billy, and the kiddos.  I had a wonderful meal!  YUM...I love their chips and salsa!  I didn't realize that when the staff comes to embarrass, oops, I mean sing "Happy Birthday" to you...they give you a big sombrero to keep and a wonderful fried ice cream dessert!  Yum again...and the hat is awesome too!

Besides the wonderful dinner from my sis, she also went totally overboard and gave my $$ to Kohls and $$$ to Fashion Bug....really?!?!?  It was way too much, so I'll have to get her back somehow!
Thanks to Melissa...It sure was yummy AND decorated

Karen brought over home made sundried tomato chicken
pasta...mmmmm!!! (except now I have to make it again...Billy
loved it too) lol!

I bought myself these gel-filled insulated leak proof glasses that I wanted from Target for my drinks by the pool...afterall, I do need to stay hydrated and cool!  :)

I loved being with my family and enjoying a meal out together...but the best present was...
My sister's Happy Birthday Mexican Serenade....gotta love her and all her many talents!  :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Dad's Day

Blake and Daddy had just come home after a long night at the Dad & Lad campout.  They came in looking tired and beat.  After a bit of resting, we hit the pool.  BBQ is always on the menu for Dad's day! 

The kiddos made him a present...both Blake's hand and Tay's hand traced onto cardstock that read, "You are the best Dad EVER....hands down!"  We also gave him this silly little gift that he had been wanting...a toothpaste pusher-upper...not sure what else to call it! lol!  His main present were some porterhouse steaks and all the fixins to grill an awesome dinner. YUM!

He really is the best Dad ever...he works so much to provide for us and the kids yell and scream with delight when he finally gets home each evening...we are so blessed to have him in our lives :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tonight's the Night

Recital night was super exciting!  Both Blake and Taylor got to perform.  It was on Sunday, so Billy was at church and the kids and I were home, getting rested and ready for the big night!  Taylor got her hair curled and her make up done...she didn't really want pictures, or a big fuss made.  Blake just showered, got dressed, and then helped me with Tay.   

even Daddy pitched in to help!

it's hard work....being a star!
Aunt Sissy, Aunt Susie, Billy and I, all piled into the auditorium to watch the show. No sooner than it all began, I started to cry...happy tears. It was so adorable and emotional, knowing how many months that has gone into this one 3 minute performance. 

I dropped her in the dressing room, before the show,
with all the other performers...she was cool with
it and happy to stay there.  They got to watch
the show on a tv, as it went along!

Right before Blake's act, just like last year...I got shaking nervous.  I really can't believe that he, with only two other boys, can get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and dance!!!  I was so proud of him, that I just watched him and cried.  I asked him after the show, if he was nervous up there, and he just said, "no...why would I be?"  Really!??!?!? 

Jake was one of the hip hoppers and his sis, Katie
Before Taylor's dance, I panicked as well!  I saw her little shadow walk out on stage and couldn't breathe...she just lined up and danced her dance...for the first time ever in front of all these people and without the teacher to que or the mirror to see!!!  My little dancer girl did it!!  I am sooo proud!  When she came out from backstage, she was so worn out...she didn't say a word, just showed me her trophy and was ready to leave.  I think we were all ready to go...so many emotions can wear ya out!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dance Rehearsal

This was the last dance class of the season.  This was also picture day, dress rehearsal, and dance rehearsal.  There was so much to do beforehand. 

1st time doing make up and curling hair! 

She will not take a pic without her kitty cat

in full costume!
Blake was a huge help with all the stress before this big night!  He is in the recital as well..i have to admit...I have been more consumed with Taylor's 1st dance than Blake's. He has done this before and, not that it makes it any less important, but he is a boy and is just kinda like, "yeah yeah, so what".  He only has 2 other boys in his hip hop class and he gets to dance to his very favorite song, "DYNAMITE" 

Blake, Spencer, and Jacob...our 3 little hip hoppers :)

"with my smilin face and my tappin toes, don't ya
know...I'm gonna steal the show"

her little dance class
I watched these kids rehearse and bawled my eyes out at the end.  These little girls have practiced each week, are so tiny and cute, and such good little dancers...happy tears!  The show must go on!!!