Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dance Rehearsal

This was the last dance class of the season.  This was also picture day, dress rehearsal, and dance rehearsal.  There was so much to do beforehand. 

1st time doing make up and curling hair! 

She will not take a pic without her kitty cat

in full costume!
Blake was a huge help with all the stress before this big night!  He is in the recital as well..i have to admit...I have been more consumed with Taylor's 1st dance than Blake's. He has done this before and, not that it makes it any less important, but he is a boy and is just kinda like, "yeah yeah, so what".  He only has 2 other boys in his hip hop class and he gets to dance to his very favorite song, "DYNAMITE" 

Blake, Spencer, and Jacob...our 3 little hip hoppers :)

"with my smilin face and my tappin toes, don't ya
know...I'm gonna steal the show"

her little dance class
I watched these kids rehearse and bawled my eyes out at the end.  These little girls have practiced each week, are so tiny and cute, and such good little dancers...happy tears!  The show must go on!!!

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