Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Circus Time!!!

Aunt Sissy brought us tickets for the circus on Tuesday night...and even though we were still exhausted from the weekend...we took the kids.  We are soooo glad we did!
the kids loved the petting's the first thing we did!

I forgot how amazing some of the circus acts can be...some were super the motorcycles going upside down in the ball cage.  Some acts were adorable, like the "my little pony parade".  Others were almost a man balancing a 35 ft metal pole over his head while a girl did flips and turns on top of it...but the craziest one included a little motorcycle inside a turning wheel while still being balanced on the mans head!!  CRAZY!

Blake got in the ball and got on the motorcycle with the
pro rider!

Taylor wouldn't let go of Daddy for a bit...when she got done, I asked her
if she was scared being on that pony, she says, "no Mommy...I wasn't
scared being on it...i was scared of being OFF it!" lol!

Tay loved petting the zebra

We all loved the circus...Taylor keeps bringing it up
days later..."wasn't that sooo much fun at the circus?!?!"

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