Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cub World Camp

This weekend was the camp at Beaumont.  Blakes graduation from Wolf Cub to Bear Cub took place at Cub World.  This camp is absolutely amazing!  The kids and I went early on Saturday morning, we missed the pack hike, but that gave us time to explore the camp, and oh my goodness, it was the coolest camp ever.

A small trail led us to a beachy creekside.  It was perfect depth for kids to play in, but not deep enough to get hurt.  There was a huge 3 story pirate ship built into the bank and other play areas around that reminded me of Swiss Family Robinson's!  This entire area was filled with sand, jungle gyms and tunnels that led underground all around the play area...we loved it!

We went through wooden mazes out in the woods and then had a picnic lunch.  After lunch, both kids got to build "Water Bottle Rockets"...they filled them with water, took them out into the middle of the field, blew them up with water, and  BOOOM!!  They shot up...way up!  It was awesome!

Billy came right after work and got there just in time for dinner.  They grilled out and then made all different kinds of cobblers for dessert.  Taylor and I were worn out from the long day, so we headed home while Dad got to stay for the Council Ring Graduation Ceremony.  Blake is now officially a Bear Cub!!  I'm so proud of my little guy! 

the elder scouts help with the graduation

he's a bear cub now!!!

the den...with the best den leader ever!!

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