Friday, May 18, 2012

Marching out of 2nd grade

I always start this post with the same sentence..."I cannot believe another year has gone by..."  Time just moves so fast, my little guy is finished with second grade already!   This has been the best school year ever, his teacher was amazing, he made some really good friends, and he learned soooo much! 
He took Mrs. Hakenewerth a handmade card, some flowers
and some chocolates

On the last day, the entire school forms a parade to march around the neighborhood. This is such an awesome day!  Second grade was supposed to wear purple but Blake decided the night before that he wanted to walk with the cub scouts and help carry the flag.

My friend, Karen met me at my house, and although we were almost late...we walked to the was a beautiful day!  We packed umbrella chairs and found a shady corner to watch as another year passed!  I love that the school does this, so fun!
Taylor thought she wanted to scooter her way to the parade...

the streets are filled with kids, parents, emotion, and excitement!!!

Proud to be a

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