Monday, February 29, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Taylor's a big ole' 8!!!

My baby girl turned 8 this year! Again, I ask, "How can this possibly be?!" She still loves animals, actually playing animals is one of her favorite recess past times, which explains the ruined shoes and muddy knees! This girl is silly and quirky and super sweet with a big heart, love her with her dirty knees and all.
Blake and I decorated for her the night was soooo difficult for Bandit to NOT attack the paper balls AND the streamers AND the tablecloth AND pretty much everything! As you can see he was so upset that we wouldn't allow him on the table! lol!
Taylor woke up to a fun decorated dining room with presents and a donut with candle. She got to open a couple gifts and even Baby Allison got some goodies!
Her bff Evie had a present waiting for her at the bus stop that morning too! How sweet! It was a marble creation painting craft, she made all kinds of art with it!
After school, we let her go ahead and open her Bitty Baby Bella. Then Aunt Susi, Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny came by to celebrate with us. We had the taco bake that Taylor requested and of course sheet cake too. They gave her a whole $50 bill! She feels rich! We ended the night by playing Headbandz and scratching some winning lottery! 

We let her have 3 friends over from her class to celebrate too. We kept it very simple, set up a tent in the front room for a camping movie night. They got to have McDonalds Happy meals, had popcorn with the movie and chocolate fondue for dessert! Since one of Tay's favorite things to do is song to her fave tunes, we set up karaoke. We downloaded all her fave songs with lyrics via YouTube, the girls put them up on the big screen and jammed out-singing and dancing! We loved hearing those girls sing, so cute! It was a fun night :)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

American Girl trip

A few days before Taylor's bday and I decided to take her to the American Girl Store in Chesterfield, for our 1st visit! She wanted an "Itty Baby" for her birthday, so rather than me picking it, I figured that we could go together and let her choose it herself. The place was awesome! You walk in and people welcome you and invite you to play with everything there! There were ice cream truck set ups, doctor offices, grocery stores, pet play sets, dolls everywhere! Taylor played with every single play set in the store! She also specially chose baby Bella, as her baby. She is adorable with blonde hair and blue eyes. The other really cool thing is that we brought baby Allison along as well, because since she has seen quite a few play times with both, Allison and Tay, she could use a trip to the doll hospital to be tightened up a bit.  A nice lady, took down all of baby Allison's vital information, talked to Taylor, asking important questions (since she IS the Mom), and had her admitted into the actual doll hospital. She will be sent back home as soon as she is all better. Tay and I had a great time playing and checking all this fun girly stuff out! Have I mentioned how much I love having a little girl?!?!?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

We began Valentine's Day with heart shaped pancakes, followed by the kids waking to sweet little surprises! Blake got an I FUNNY book, a Halo figure and some chocolates. Tay got an Owl Diary book, a stuffed Tiger, and some chocolates. Billy got chocolates and barleywine beer. I got some chocolates too. We finished the night off with a home cooked surf and turf meal, it was a really sweet and special day :)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Taylor's 2nd grade winter party

Just a few shots of the fun party times!