Monday, May 23, 2011

First Grade Musical BUGZ

Blake's first school play was back in April.  I haven't had a chance to post about it, but couldn't leave it out of my family blog, because it was soooo cute!  The theme was BUGZ...Blake was an army ant!  He got to dress up in army duds and say a solo...he was so excited about this! 

For weeks I "bugged" him about what kind of
costume he could wear...all he wanted to
do was wear some army camo stuff!

Of course, a crazy shot with a toothless mouth!

Can't pretend army "anything" without a gun!

Blake the army ant, reporting for duty

I'll be honest, one of the reasons that I hadn't written about this was because it was a really bad day for me.  Billy tries so hard to make it to Blake's special events, but with his job, it is very difficult at times...most times actually...which means that I should be used to it, but I am not!  This time was even worse, because I didn't have a vehicle.  Our car was in need of repair and Billy had my truck, so I had been walking Blake to and from school, not to mention some of worst weather we have had.  Full blown storms barrelled through the area right at the time I was supposed to walk him to the play.  I do mean crazy storms hail, winds,and tornado warnings.  We were about to miss it, but he was crying and begging me to get him there because he had a part.  He was sooo worried about who would say his part if he couldn't be there, plus he'd been practicing for weeks!  A friend offered to drive me there, but with them having family with them, I wouldn't accept (I'm stubborn and hate to accept!)  But at the very last second, I did get a ride with a pal that has a van that we could all fit almost killed me to let them come and get us...I was bawling like a was ridiculous, but in the end....we made it to the play...and so did Billy!  He walked in just as it was starting!

Afterwards, as you can see in their was all worth the stress, crying, and worry!  Taylor had to dress to match and still repeatedly says Blake's line from the play, " If you think you did us in, we'll show up in your kitchen!!"  And that is the truth spoken right from an army ant, I've been battling them in MY kitchen this week!  LOL!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blake's Spring Soccer 2011

This weekend was the last soccer game of the spring season.  I am so sad.  I have really enjoyed watching him learn and play.  I also have two friends that have their children on the same team, so, YES that makes practice and game time extra fun for me.  Blake has really loved playing soccer too!  In the beginning he didn't know a single thing about soccer.  Our coach started out with basic drills.

first practice


more practice drills

The following are pics from the very LAST soccer game...he is finally getting in there and going after the ball.  I think he is really getting the hang of the game...that's a BIG reason that I am so bummed that the season is over.   :(

Blake heading for that ball!

Blake is #3 and kicking the ball

Blake is battling for the ball!!

Getting in a good kick!
Blake with his buddy, Jacob.  They were actually in soccer together when they were 4 years old too! 

Soccer buds...before the last practice at my house!

Taylor just wants to be part of it too!
 After the last game, their coach invited us to a pizza party for the award recognition.  She even paid for all the players, so nice!  Blake got an award for being one of the most improved players!  YAY!

We will definitely be signing Blake up for fall soccer...I already cannot wait!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rewind Time

I grew up as an only-child even though I had three older siblings.  They had moved out by the time I can remember.  I came along as a surprise to my parents.  And when I say surprise, I don't mean the type you get on your birthday that comes along with a celebration...I mean the type of surprise that happens when someone jumps out from around the corner and makes you scream with fright!  This sounds like a scary movie now, but anyways...I say it like that because my Mom was 40 years old, my Dad was 56 and both were retired and had three almost-grown children ages 16-22 years old! They definitely thought they were done having babies by then.   I wanted to write about this because there are so many little things that remind me of my Mom when I was little.  Things that "I" do now, that "she" did back then.  Now, with having two of my own kids, I can totally understand why she did some of these things...

I can remember waking up right when Mom would wake up, I was ready to play and she would beg me to go back to sleep for a bit because she "just wanted to have her coffee first". I thought that was ridiculous back then but, I love to wake up and have my cup of coffee BEFORE the kids wake up and the day gets crazy!  It feels like a huge indulgence just to get to drink it in peace...

I remember one Mom literally left the house and "hid" from my Dad and I.  We went all over searching for her.  The car was still home, but she was gone...the whole world could fall apart if she was gone, so we looked and looked and looked.  Our house sat on 60 acres and had a big shop building that was just a little walk took what seemed like forever to finally find her and she was just sitting at the top of the shop stairs.  The stairs went up to the second story entrance and she was scared of heights, so we never expected her to be way up there. (we must have walked under her, calling her name a dozen times!)  She just needed to get away for a sec and now I realize how important that is...sometimes, instead of putting the kids in time out, I just put myself in time out in my bedroom for a few minutes.  Sometimes it takes them a few minutes to realize that I'm not answering their questions or getting them the things they are asking for. They go calling for me and end up knocking on the door.  I do come out, but that few minutes is nice once in a while!!

I remember thinking that my Mom was soooo boring because she'd turn off the radio and say, "Ahhh, quiet feels good" guessed it...I love to hear the "quiet" sometimes!  I almost can't believe it myself because I am usually wanting the music blasting, but there are times that the quiet feels sooooo good!

Looking back, it's no wonder that my poor Mom needed a break.  She never got one, because I was a kid who always wanted her to play with me.  All my friends Moms would complain that all their child wanted to do was watch tv and my Mom would say, "what I would give for JoAnna to want to watch tv..."  I hated tv, why would I want to watch a tv show when I could play (with my Mom)???  lol!  Anyways, I totally deserve the payback that my kids are giving me.  I should be thankful that they will play by themselves sometimes, and will be happy to watch a tv show while I cook dinner.  The little things, right?

It's silly that it took 30 years to figure out what my Mom was talking about, but I did.  Each and every day, I understand my Mom a little bit more.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I hungie!!!!

My three year old, Taylor is always hungry!!!  I am so frustrated right now at 8pm at night, that I probably shouldn't write something mean!!  She has eaten so much today that no one would even believe me!  I am a short order cook all day long and it tires me out! 

She started out at 7am eating a bowl of raisin bran cereal with a cup of milk on the side, strawberries, and then some blackberries.

For a snack on the way to the park, she had a cup of water with peanut butter and whole grain bread.

For lunch at the park, she had some more strawberries and blackberries,2- turkey cheese and spinach roll-ups, more water (with benefiber added)  and some carrots.  A few chocolate covered pomegranates too!

She a snack when she woke up... two fig newton cookies, juice, cheese stick and a whole red bell pepper cut into strips.

Right before dinner was done she was almost crying about being hungry, so I let her eat some pistachios...she ate all I would give her (probably 25-30 nuts)

For dinner she ate a 4 oz adult-size serving of broiled salmon, 1/2 cup of Bulgar wheat with bell peppers, onions and carrots, and some steamed zucchini on the side.  Milk to drink.  Ice cream cone for dessert.

Within an hour of eating, she has been begging for a snack.  I let her take her bubble bath to get her mind off a snack, but as soon as she was dressed she started begging for food b/c she hungie!!!!  I just want to stop cooking and making food for the day, but I'd do just about anything to get her to stop asking me for stuff, so.....I dug through the fridge and made her a snack of Fiber one wheat thins, berries, raw veggies, cheese slices, lunch meat, grapes, and more water.  I know that most of this is healthy stuff, but how much can one girl eat and still be hungie!!!???  

I am almost done writing this and she is happy as a little munching clam, right next to me grinning and smiling and chewing all this food!!  ARGH!!  I love her so much but she really gets to me!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Grade Young Author's Artshow

Tonight was Blake's first grade young artist/author show.  I loved going last year and getting to see all the artwork and projects he had done throughout the year, so this year, I couldn't wait to go!  It's a time when you can bring the whole family and just wander the halls, looking for your child's artwork.  The teacher also sets up a table with some of their journals, special drawings, and especially fact sheets.  It is awesome to look at some of the first projects and compare them to some more current ones to see your child's progress!  His first grade year sure has flown by...he's learned to read, write really well, addition, subtraction, count money, and so much more!

This is the Birthday Story that they get
to write on their special day.  Mrs. Vice
hangs them all around the room! 

This is a drawing of the play, "Alice in Wonderland".
They got to go on a field trip to the Chesterfield theatre!

These are all his favorite things drawn in little squares

artwork- I can't wait to hang this one!

Another piece that will look neat framed!

His patchwork quilt with a flying man :)

Taylor soooo wishes she had artwork to show

His ears are made to hear what he loves most-his Daddy playing guitar!
His Dad will be so proud to see this one!

His wild cat with a tongue-ceramic

Here he writes that he loves to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

First Grade Rules are Clearly POSTED !!

Silly kiddos  :)

Silly Sophie in May 2011


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Blake

Blake made me two special gifts at school.  He brought them home Friday and Taylor has been begging for me to open them all weekend.  She almost shakes with excitement!  We set them on the dining room table to wait for Mother's Day to arrive...Taylor keeps asking if it's Mother's Day yet...Blake tells her that it's on SUNDAY...she looks outside and says, "but, today is a sunny's Muver's Day!!"  Blake replies, "NO, day is mother's day"  Anyways, this conversation took place about 10 times over the weekend.  FINALLY, it's Mother's Day...

Taylor couldn't wait to beat me into the dining room to say, "Surprise, Happy Mother's Day!" as I walked in!
Inside the paper sack was an adorable little plant that Blake had been growing for me.  We will plant it outside in my new flower pot holders!  And the rolled up tube of paper was a fill-in-the-blank fact sheet telling why I'm special to him!!  This is the best gift ever!  It reads:

My Mom is special in many ways.  Here are some facts about my mom.
My moms name is  MOM  .
My mom is   31  years old.  (he got it right!)
My mom is    4   feet  28  inches tall.   (hee hee)
She weighs   10  pounds.  (so silly)
My mom has   long and yellow   hair and    blue   eyes.
Her favorite number is   I guess 20       .
Her favorite color is    pink    .
Her favorite food is   I guess  .
Her favorite TV show is   Dr.  oz and house Finder  .
Her favorite song is   Dynamite   .   (I guess his fave is mine too!)
My mom really loves   me   .  (true)
My mom is best at    cleaning.    (I wish, as we look around a trashed house!)
My mom loves when I    be  good  .  (so true)
My favorite thing to do with my mom is    read with her  .   (Awww)
I love when my mom   reads to me   .   (Awwwwww)

That's Blake and his Mom!!!

Taylor holding the baby plant

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am so proud of my husband

Billy's brother-in-law, Danny,  passed away in March.  Billy's sister asked him to officiate the funeral and the graveside service.  He was ever so grateful, but nervous at the same time.  He had spoke at his father's funeral around the same time last year and felt that this was something he really wanted to do for his sister and for Danny.

He didn't sleep the night before the service due to nerves...I was nervous for his too, but when I say that he did well, I mean...he really made the service personal and definitely made Danny proud.  I sat in the back of the church with two sleeping kids on me. Since they were passed out, they were quiet (thank goodness) and I just took time to really watch and listen to the words that Billy spoke.  While Billy talked about Danny's life, there were cries out from grief-stricken family members.  It was heart-breaking to hear, BUT THEN...within seconds,  Billy's words made those same people laugh-out-loud, with joy, remembering how special Danny was.  Billy truly made this service a dedication to honor a wonderful person that will be missed and remembered by all who knew him.  I am ever so proud of the man my husband has become.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mostly worried about ME!!

I asked Blake if he was interested in playing football again in the fall. He kinda shrugged.  I said, "Next year, it won't be FLAG football, it will be TACKLE...where kids can tackle you".  He looks at me with this worry in his eye, so I add, "well, YOU"LL get to tackle them too!"...he says, "Sorry Mom, but I'm mostly worried about ME!!"

After researching the NFL league, we are NOT going to do the tackle football this fall.  They travel half of the time to other towns.  Are extremely competitive, and require 3-4 nights of practice EVERY week, with games each and every weekend.  Not to mention the cost of the equipment rental and the travel for the away games....for now we will stick with flag and wait to see how next year goes.  If he really loves it, we'll do it, but not this year.