Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I hungie!!!!

My three year old, Taylor is always hungry!!!  I am so frustrated right now at 8pm at night, that I probably shouldn't write something mean!!  She has eaten so much today that no one would even believe me!  I am a short order cook all day long and it tires me out! 

She started out at 7am eating a bowl of raisin bran cereal with a cup of milk on the side, strawberries, and then some blackberries.

For a snack on the way to the park, she had a cup of water with peanut butter and whole grain bread.

For lunch at the park, she had some more strawberries and blackberries,2- turkey cheese and spinach roll-ups, more water (with benefiber added)  and some carrots.  A few chocolate covered pomegranates too!

She a snack when she woke up... two fig newton cookies, juice, cheese stick and a whole red bell pepper cut into strips.

Right before dinner was done she was almost crying about being hungry, so I let her eat some pistachios...she ate all I would give her (probably 25-30 nuts)

For dinner she ate a 4 oz adult-size serving of broiled salmon, 1/2 cup of Bulgar wheat with bell peppers, onions and carrots, and some steamed zucchini on the side.  Milk to drink.  Ice cream cone for dessert.

Within an hour of eating, she has been begging for a snack.  I let her take her bubble bath to get her mind off a snack, but as soon as she was dressed she started begging for food b/c she hungie!!!!  I just want to stop cooking and making food for the day, but I'd do just about anything to get her to stop asking me for stuff, so.....I dug through the fridge and made her a snack of Fiber one wheat thins, berries, raw veggies, cheese slices, lunch meat, grapes, and more water.  I know that most of this is healthy stuff, but how much can one girl eat and still be hungie!!!???  

I am almost done writing this and she is happy as a little munching clam, right next to me grinning and smiling and chewing all this food!!  ARGH!!  I love her so much but she really gets to me!!

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