Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mostly worried about ME!!

I asked Blake if he was interested in playing football again in the fall. He kinda shrugged.  I said, "Next year, it won't be FLAG football, it will be TACKLE...where kids can tackle you".  He looks at me with this worry in his eye, so I add, "well, YOU"LL get to tackle them too!"...he says, "Sorry Mom, but I'm mostly worried about ME!!"

After researching the NFL league, we are NOT going to do the tackle football this fall.  They travel half of the time to other towns.  Are extremely competitive, and require 3-4 nights of practice EVERY week, with games each and every weekend.  Not to mention the cost of the equipment rental and the travel for the away games....for now we will stick with flag and wait to see how next year goes.  If he really loves it, we'll do it, but not this year.

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  1. Love the new banner! It is too much for a 1st/2nd grader!!