Monday, May 23, 2011

First Grade Musical BUGZ

Blake's first school play was back in April.  I haven't had a chance to post about it, but couldn't leave it out of my family blog, because it was soooo cute!  The theme was BUGZ...Blake was an army ant!  He got to dress up in army duds and say a solo...he was so excited about this! 

For weeks I "bugged" him about what kind of
costume he could wear...all he wanted to
do was wear some army camo stuff!

Of course, a crazy shot with a toothless mouth!

Can't pretend army "anything" without a gun!

Blake the army ant, reporting for duty

I'll be honest, one of the reasons that I hadn't written about this was because it was a really bad day for me.  Billy tries so hard to make it to Blake's special events, but with his job, it is very difficult at times...most times actually...which means that I should be used to it, but I am not!  This time was even worse, because I didn't have a vehicle.  Our car was in need of repair and Billy had my truck, so I had been walking Blake to and from school, not to mention some of worst weather we have had.  Full blown storms barrelled through the area right at the time I was supposed to walk him to the play.  I do mean crazy storms hail, winds,and tornado warnings.  We were about to miss it, but he was crying and begging me to get him there because he had a part.  He was sooo worried about who would say his part if he couldn't be there, plus he'd been practicing for weeks!  A friend offered to drive me there, but with them having family with them, I wouldn't accept (I'm stubborn and hate to accept!)  But at the very last second, I did get a ride with a pal that has a van that we could all fit almost killed me to let them come and get us...I was bawling like a was ridiculous, but in the end....we made it to the play...and so did Billy!  He walked in just as it was starting!

Afterwards, as you can see in their was all worth the stress, crying, and worry!  Taylor had to dress to match and still repeatedly says Blake's line from the play, " If you think you did us in, we'll show up in your kitchen!!"  And that is the truth spoken right from an army ant, I've been battling them in MY kitchen this week!  LOL!!

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