Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Blake

Blake made me two special gifts at school.  He brought them home Friday and Taylor has been begging for me to open them all weekend.  She almost shakes with excitement!  We set them on the dining room table to wait for Mother's Day to arrive...Taylor keeps asking if it's Mother's Day yet...Blake tells her that it's on SUNDAY...she looks outside and says, "but, today is a sunny's Muver's Day!!"  Blake replies, "NO, day is mother's day"  Anyways, this conversation took place about 10 times over the weekend.  FINALLY, it's Mother's Day...

Taylor couldn't wait to beat me into the dining room to say, "Surprise, Happy Mother's Day!" as I walked in!
Inside the paper sack was an adorable little plant that Blake had been growing for me.  We will plant it outside in my new flower pot holders!  And the rolled up tube of paper was a fill-in-the-blank fact sheet telling why I'm special to him!!  This is the best gift ever!  It reads:

My Mom is special in many ways.  Here are some facts about my mom.
My moms name is  MOM  .
My mom is   31  years old.  (he got it right!)
My mom is    4   feet  28  inches tall.   (hee hee)
She weighs   10  pounds.  (so silly)
My mom has   long and yellow   hair and    blue   eyes.
Her favorite number is   I guess 20       .
Her favorite color is    pink    .
Her favorite food is   I guess  .
Her favorite TV show is   Dr.  oz and house Finder  .
Her favorite song is   Dynamite   .   (I guess his fave is mine too!)
My mom really loves   me   .  (true)
My mom is best at    cleaning.    (I wish, as we look around a trashed house!)
My mom loves when I    be  good  .  (so true)
My favorite thing to do with my mom is    read with her  .   (Awww)
I love when my mom   reads to me   .   (Awwwwww)

That's Blake and his Mom!!!

Taylor holding the baby plant

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