Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am so proud of my husband

Billy's brother-in-law, Danny,  passed away in March.  Billy's sister asked him to officiate the funeral and the graveside service.  He was ever so grateful, but nervous at the same time.  He had spoke at his father's funeral around the same time last year and felt that this was something he really wanted to do for his sister and for Danny.

He didn't sleep the night before the service due to nerves...I was nervous for his too, but when I say that he did well, I mean...he really made the service personal and definitely made Danny proud.  I sat in the back of the church with two sleeping kids on me. Since they were passed out, they were quiet (thank goodness) and I just took time to really watch and listen to the words that Billy spoke.  While Billy talked about Danny's life, there were cries out from grief-stricken family members.  It was heart-breaking to hear, BUT THEN...within seconds,  Billy's words made those same people laugh-out-loud, with joy, remembering how special Danny was.  Billy truly made this service a dedication to honor a wonderful person that will be missed and remembered by all who knew him.  I am ever so proud of the man my husband has become.

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