Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blake's Spring Soccer 2011

This weekend was the last soccer game of the spring season.  I am so sad.  I have really enjoyed watching him learn and play.  I also have two friends that have their children on the same team, so, YES that makes practice and game time extra fun for me.  Blake has really loved playing soccer too!  In the beginning he didn't know a single thing about soccer.  Our coach started out with basic drills.

first practice


more practice drills

The following are pics from the very LAST soccer game...he is finally getting in there and going after the ball.  I think he is really getting the hang of the game...that's a BIG reason that I am so bummed that the season is over.   :(

Blake heading for that ball!

Blake is #3 and kicking the ball

Blake is battling for the ball!!

Getting in a good kick!
Blake with his buddy, Jacob.  They were actually in soccer together when they were 4 years old too! 

Soccer buds...before the last practice at my house!

Taylor just wants to be part of it too!
 After the last game, their coach invited us to a pizza party for the award recognition.  She even paid for all the players, so nice!  Blake got an award for being one of the most improved players!  YAY!

We will definitely be signing Blake up for fall soccer...I already cannot wait!!

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