Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Grade Young Author's Artshow

Tonight was Blake's first grade young artist/author show.  I loved going last year and getting to see all the artwork and projects he had done throughout the year, so this year, I couldn't wait to go!  It's a time when you can bring the whole family and just wander the halls, looking for your child's artwork.  The teacher also sets up a table with some of their journals, special drawings, and especially fact sheets.  It is awesome to look at some of the first projects and compare them to some more current ones to see your child's progress!  His first grade year sure has flown by...he's learned to read, write really well, addition, subtraction, count money, and so much more!

This is the Birthday Story that they get
to write on their special day.  Mrs. Vice
hangs them all around the room! 

This is a drawing of the play, "Alice in Wonderland".
They got to go on a field trip to the Chesterfield theatre!

These are all his favorite things drawn in little squares

artwork- I can't wait to hang this one!

Another piece that will look neat framed!

His patchwork quilt with a flying man :)

Taylor soooo wishes she had artwork to show

His ears are made to hear what he loves most-his Daddy playing guitar!
His Dad will be so proud to see this one!

His wild cat with a tongue-ceramic

Here he writes that he loves to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

First Grade Rules are Clearly POSTED !!

Silly kiddos  :)

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