Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August at a glance

August was a difficult month because we had to say good-bye to Aunt Kathy. Dad spent alot of time in Arkansas while she was in the hospital, then we all went back for the funeral. While Dad was out of town, I kept the kids busy, finishing up the last summer playdates and getting them ready for school. 

Taylor got an expander and braces, the day before her "Meet the Teacher" at the school. She couldn't even say her name yet! lol! Dad took Tay on a Father/Daughter date...they got to play glow-in-the-dark golf and all sorts of cool stuff together. Blake and I got to have a Mom and Son pancake breakfast at Cappuccino's together. We also celebrated Aunt Susie's birthday by getting her a huge chocolate cake from Costco.

The kids started school...Blake is in 7th grade, Taylor is in 3rd. Blake already got his school picture back! Taylor has been wearing her EAR headbands so she can pretend animals at recess with her friends. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First Day of School

Blake is in 7th grade and Taylor is in 3rd...I seriously feel like I can't keep up with how fast the years are going by! Blake leaves so much earlier than Tay that I can no longer get pictures of them together. Poor old Sophie watched Bubby walking up the road, she was wondering where he was going without her :(

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Missing Aunt Kathy

Aunt Kathy had been sick for awhile, she ended up hospitalized in Arkansas. Billy went down to be with her and support the rest of the family. It's a really good thing he did, because he got to say goodbye to his sister. She went to be with the Lord, and her love, Danny. Again, I'm really glad that Billy got to be there to help support the rest of the family, he is a real rock for everyone around, when difficult times take us over. This is heartbreaking for those of us who miss her, she was sweet, silly, caring, and always able to see the positive in people, even those that might be in midst of quarrels. We loved it when her and Brenda, her bulldog, came to visit. We will never forget her jumping out of her car, Brenda kind of rolled out, but then Aunt Kathy started doing cartwheels across our front yard! The neighbors were laughing along with us. She always had a sweet word to say, always calling us Sweetheart, Honey etc..I really loved her and will miss her so much. I'm bummed that we didn't get to hang out more and that the kids didn't have more time to get to know her.

The ONLY thing that was nice about going to Arkansas, was getting to see Billy's side of the family. He had gotten to spend a week or more with them and I know if was hard but good at the same time. At least we got some family pictures.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

7th grade registration

Love. This. Growing. Boy....and love getting to do stuff like this with him!

Junior Police Academy

Taylor and Evie signed up for the St. Peter's Junior Police Academy and it was the best program ever! The girls got to fingerprint a crime scene, tour the police station and jail cell, work with canine officers, help with set-up traffic stops, dispatch and so much more! It was so very informative and the girls would come home each night so excited to tell us what all they did! They really went above and beyond for these kids! I remember one of the nights, when I had picked the girls up, they were always so talkative...Tay says, "Mom, the alleged perpetrator was suspected of comitting the crime, and we solved the case!" I'm like, who is this girl using all these big, official words?? lol

They held a picnic for the end of academy celebration! Mandy and I took the girls, watched some of the ceremony, then headed to a Mexican joint down the street to have a bite and a margarita! We are such rebels! Anyways, when we came back to pick them up, they were jumping up and down in the parking lot...the patrol helicopter had come for a visit! The pilot did tricks over the park, it was super exciting to see! Then we got to meet the canine officers, the girls especially loved this part! Again, I can't stress what an awesome opportunity this was for the kids in the community, such a blessing!

The Junior Police Academy graduation was held at the City Hall during an official board meeting of the alderman and mayor. They all got their diplomas, and had a reception with cake and drinks! They made this all feel so important, they really hit the nail on this one! The kids felt a sense of accomplishment and had fun being part of their community.