Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August at a glance

August was a difficult month because we had to say good-bye to Aunt Kathy. Dad spent alot of time in Arkansas while she was in the hospital, then we all went back for the funeral. While Dad was out of town, I kept the kids busy, finishing up the last summer playdates and getting them ready for school. 

Taylor got an expander and braces, the day before her "Meet the Teacher" at the school. She couldn't even say her name yet! lol! Dad took Tay on a Father/Daughter date...they got to play glow-in-the-dark golf and all sorts of cool stuff together. Blake and I got to have a Mom and Son pancake breakfast at Cappuccino's together. We also celebrated Aunt Susie's birthday by getting her a huge chocolate cake from Costco.

The kids started school...Blake is in 7th grade, Taylor is in 3rd. Blake already got his school picture back! Taylor has been wearing her EAR headbands so she can pretend animals at recess with her friends. 

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