Saturday, September 3, 2016

End of Summer Splish Splash Dance Party

Tay had been begging to have a fun dance type party before summer's end and what do ya's almost the end of summer already and I promised her an all girl party. We invited Dyllen, Ashlynn, Lily, Mical, Glory, Evie & Addie...and boy was it a full house! The girls started out trying to swim but it was the first cool night of the summer and it was freezing in the pool so that didn't last long.At least everyone did get to swim before running inside to play. We served pizza and "Sea Shells & Cheese" with "Goldfish" and twizzlers "pool noodles" as snacks & blue kool aid punch a.k.a. "Ocean water". We had sugar cookies decorated with blue icing for water, teddy grahams lounging on gummy lifesaver pool toys and beach towels cut out of fruit was fun planning the fun foods for the party!

After having their fill of junk foods, they all played upstairs, some continued to swim until finally the girls went wild singing and dancing to karaoke music in the front room! It was a fun evening of screaming, laughing, giggling, goofy little girls, what more can ya ask for?!?!

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