Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Billy's 50th

Billy has been dreading the big 5-0...he's been bumming. I try telling him that it's just another number , not sure that's helping but it is his 50th bday, so we decided to do some special stuff for him. We talked to Allison months ago and had planned on having a big family surprise party but as the months went on, so much happened and schedules got changed etc...anyways, extended family wasn't able to make it but Allison still got to, so we planned around that. I knew he would love nothing more than getting to see her on his special day! I wanted to keep it a surprise, so the kids and I told him that we were just gonna make a special bday dinner and watch a movie. We bought steak, his favorite beer, wine, and a German chocolate cake to finish the meal the last minute, when I got a heads up that Allison was near, I told Billy that a lady wanted to buy some bowls off Craigslist. I asked him if he would take them out to the driveway and meet with her because I had to get ready to go pick up the movie from the rental place. He was okay with that, so as Allison pulled up, I pushed him out the door with the she got out of her car, he started to say, "here are the bowls", then Allison walked closer and he realized!!!  It literally took him a second glance to really get it through his head that it was really!!  It was hilarious and he was so happy to see her! It made for a great surprise for him! We gave him some gifts: wine we labeled "aged to perfection", the Sam Adams we labeled, "cheers to being 50!", an air freshener labeled, "for an old fart", golden wrapped candy as "for the golden years", hot sauce as " still hot at 50!" and for the hazard that 50 candles can cause while being lit on a cake....a fire extinguisher! lol! The kids and I also put together a jar of "50 memories & reasons we love you". we all really enjoyed that one.

The following night, we invited his music buddies and their wives over for some chili and music playing. Loved having them over, topped off his birthday weekend! We have such wonderful caring friends. Blessed that it all worked out!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Barnes' Family Reunion

I so happy that Wayne and Regina are coming up for the weekend! We all get to go to the Barnes' Family reunion together. Diana and Danny get to go too....I wish Stanley could come but he can't. Boo. Anyways, we made some food and headed to St. Ferdinand Park in Florissant. It's always great to see everyone and this year was extra special because Tay got to meet and play and really get to know her little cousin Kat! They were fast friends and that makes me so happy! Seeing Bo Bo and Glenna and Helen and everyone was just so great...I love them all. Sure wish I had gotten more pictures tho!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Taylor...My Volleyball Girl

Taylor is in 3rd grade now and decided that she'd like to try volleyball. We decided to join the ymca and sign this little girl up to give it a try. A wonderful Mom named Tina, stepped up. Thank goodness, she has been a Godsend to this team! Her daughter is Rosie and she is a really great player, we are all learning so much about this sport. Taylor has come such a long way! She started out not even being able to serve the ball over the net. We went for probably 5 or 6 weeks before Tay finally hit it over the net during a game, coach actually grabbed her up and swung her around out on the court! It was an awesome day! From then on, Taylor has become a very consistent server, scoring point after point during most every game now! We are so proud of her progress! This was the very first night...

Our team has consistently gotten better and better. We used to play the game as additional practice, knowing that we probably wouldn't win, now games are much closer, some being real nail-biters! Another Mom, named Susan and I, automatically hit it off, I'm so glad we met them! Actually, ALL of the volleyball families are wonderful, this sport has really become a blessing all around!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Our 13th Anniversary

Billy knows that I'm not crazy about getting flowers, but our little Tay Tay LOVES to get flowers and thinks it's so special. Perfect day for Billy to get to give someone flowers...Tay loved them, even though she is extra goofy and dramatic! Later that evening, Billy and I got to go to Red Lobster and had the most wonderful dinner...I even had a monster pina colada! I love this man!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

End of Summer Splish Splash Dance Party

Tay had been begging to have a fun dance type party before summer's end and what do ya's almost the end of summer already and I promised her an all girl party. We invited Dyllen, Ashlynn, Lily, Mical, Glory, Evie & Addie...and boy was it a full house! The girls started out trying to swim but it was the first cool night of the summer and it was freezing in the pool so that didn't last long.At least everyone did get to swim before running inside to play. We served pizza and "Sea Shells & Cheese" with "Goldfish" and twizzlers "pool noodles" as snacks & blue kool aid punch a.k.a. "Ocean water". We had sugar cookies decorated with blue icing for water, teddy grahams lounging on gummy lifesaver pool toys and beach towels cut out of fruit was fun planning the fun foods for the party!

After having their fill of junk foods, they all played upstairs, some continued to swim until finally the girls went wild singing and dancing to karaoke music in the front room! It was a fun evening of screaming, laughing, giggling, goofy little girls, what more can ya ask for?!?!