Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday...He is risen!!!

Taylor has been talking about Easter for weeks, she has been so excited! I, on the other hand, have been slow to plan and slow to decorate, not exactly sure why, but it seems that holiday planning and cooking haven't been at the top of my "fun list" lately. I haven't however, been any less grateful for this holiday and what it means for us...that God loved us soooo much, that he would give His son for us, that Jesus would give up ALL, just for us. We are so blessed!

We started out by watching, The Passion of the Christ, as a family, on Good Friday. It was the first time that Taylor had seen it. It was hurtful to watch, we cried and had to turn away at times, but the end made it all worthwhile...thanks God. It definitely refreshed the sacrifice He made, in our minds and it was good that Taylor had lots of questions, that got answered during it.

We colored Easter eggs on Saturday evening...this was also something that Tay had been impatiently waiting for! Unfortunately, my boy may be growing up...he just wanted to hang out outside, and keep playing basketball. He got begged into painting ONE blue egg, claiming that he just "didn't feel like it". I guess it's to be expected but I admit, it's a bit heartbreaking for this Mom. After, we watched the new Annie movie, Taylor wrote the Easter Bunny a note, and off to bed we went.

The Easter Bunny did come! He brought Blake a Basketball Trashcan, a minecraft comic book, The Wild Dvd, a water-bottle holder for his bike and some candy. Taylor got a big "Thumper" bunny, an Elephant & Piggy book, Mr. Popper's Penguin Dvd, and some candy as well.  Even Sofa Pup got a squeaky toy!

They got to go find some eggs that were hidden around the yard. Most were filled with candy or money, but a couple were filled with squishy animals!

We got dressed for church, and I tried to take some Easter pictures, but Blake, again, was "not feeling like it", so they were pretty limited. Aunt Sissy came over and we headed off to attend a new church, Morningstar. I liked that it was a family service, it was very welcoming, and the service was nice. I have to admit, it really made me miss our old church. I missed the people, hearing an Easter-specific message, and the music that Billy and the worship team played. I guess that's to be expected, this new church was still nice, though. We will probably go back to see what a regular Sunday is like.

After church, Aunt Susie joined us and we ate Easter dinner together. Relaxed and later, took a bike ride down to the lake with the kids to feed the geese and ducks. It was a great Easter, He is risen, very blessed.