Thursday, May 21, 2015

Last Day of School Parade...the very last, for Blake

Today is the last day of school! It's the last day of 1st grade for Taylor and the last day of 5th grade for Blake. That means, it's the very last day of elementary school for him and the very last PSE parade that he will ever march in...I am focusing too much, on the very last of things, but he is my first baby and I'm not quite ready for this. I know that with every last, comes a new beginning...middle school is right around the corner...sigh.  BUT...back to happier thoughts...the parade was awesome, as usual. Our school really goes above and beyond to celebrate the year, having this big last hoorah!

Karen, Mandy, Christy and I, went to the Bread Co to have coffee, breakfast, and to create signs to cheer our kiddos along the parade route. Then we went back up to the school, helped out a bit, then gathered along the street to watch the kids march out of this year, and into summer!