Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Life in the month of January...

The month of January flew by like all the rest. Been busy catching up after the holiday on eBay. Billy is still searching for the right employment opportunity. Blake is signing up for his high school curriculum and has brought his advanced math grade up on his own! Tay is starting volleyball again and enjoying a new friendship with a student from South Korea, named Dorothy. Taylor has settle into 4th grade and is having fun learning the States and Capitals too! The kids and I have been binge watching Stranger Things together on Wednesday nights, when Dad goes to music night. Billy has been writing songs and doing job interviews like crazy! We know that God has the right door, just waiting for it to open! 

Air maracas for guacamole!

Mandy has a bday!

Go Orange Crush!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Blake is 14!!!!

Another year has passed and this boy of mine has turned another year older...he is 14! He has changed a ton this year, he is taller than Billy and I, his voice is lower, his presence is scarce- he spends much of the time upstairs in his room, playing online games with his friends. I miss him as much as i thought i would. He got his braces off this year, got invited to JBA summer college, and is in two accelerated classes. (although Algebra 1 is killing us all!lol!) He cares about his clothes and especially his shoes. He began the year with a pair of clearance $3.00 Walmart high tops and by Christmas, begged to spend all his money on Yeezys! He even got his first pair of jeans in like, 5 years! Of course, they were tight legged skinny jeans with rips! Wow, things change!

Favorite song: The kind blasting silently to the rest of the world through his earbuds as he taps with the beat while doing homework.

Favorite movie: Spiderman Homecoming

Favorite food:!

Favorite drink: Diet Coke

Favorite game: Overwatch, Rocket League

Closest friends: Nico, Nick, Seth, Bradley, Tyler, Kyle, Evan, Kyler

Favorite teacher:  Mrs. Rayfield

Since his bday fell on a Saturday, he got to have a chill day. It began with Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny bringing over Dunkin' Donuts and coffee. They surprised him with $50 and a Smoothie King gift card. We surprised him with a red, black and white racer back desk chair that he had been asking for. We asked him what he would like to do for his bday, invite a friend, have a party, etc...all he wanted was steak and caesar salad for dinner along with a peanut butter sheet cake...and he got it! We took him to O'Charley's and got his steak dinner. They gave him a piece of caramel pie for his bday, so we waited until Sunday to have pb cake. It was a very low-key birthday this year but wonderful to spend the day celebrating another year being blessed with this kiddo. Love him to pieces!


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