Saturday, August 13, 2016

Missing Aunt Kathy

Aunt Kathy had been sick for awhile, she ended up hospitalized in Arkansas. Billy went down to be with her and support the rest of the family. It's a really good thing he did, because he got to say goodbye to his sister. She went to be with the Lord, and her love, Danny. Again, I'm really glad that Billy got to be there to help support the rest of the family, he is a real rock for everyone around, when difficult times take us over. This is heartbreaking for those of us who miss her, she was sweet, silly, caring, and always able to see the positive in people, even those that might be in midst of quarrels. We loved it when her and Brenda, her bulldog, came to visit. We will never forget her jumping out of her car, Brenda kind of rolled out, but then Aunt Kathy started doing cartwheels across our front yard! The neighbors were laughing along with us. She always had a sweet word to say, always calling us Sweetheart, Honey etc..I really loved her and will miss her so much. I'm bummed that we didn't get to hang out more and that the kids didn't have more time to get to know her.

The ONLY thing that was nice about going to Arkansas, was getting to see Billy's side of the family. He had gotten to spend a week or more with them and I know if was hard but good at the same time. At least we got some family pictures.

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