Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Regionals with Billy

This was the first Visalus event that Billy and I got to attend together!!  It was difficult and costly to get there.  Sophie had to be boarded and we had to drag the kids, still in their pj's, to my sister's house at 5am, just to make it to the convention by start time. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!! 
A few of the people that have lost 50-200lbs each on the Challenge! 
Our very own Kassi and Matt are up there! YAY!

Everything that was said, from the fact that sooo many people are unhealthy and obese and WE have a product that is helping hundreds of thousands become healthy, to the opportunity that this company offers to help us live life without financial stress, it was eye-opening.

Health is so important, it dictates how we feel, how productive we are, how we live our lives.  We need to make our health a priority in our life so that we are around to help others get healthy too...we want ourselves and everyone around us to "live" life...not just "go through" it!! The stories of health transformations are always awesome...the entire stage was filled with people that had lost 50, 75, 100, 150+ pounds!!! That alone is life-changing, but the health improvements of so many others...like getting to stop insulin, high blood pressure or cholesterol meds or no longer having chronic pain...that's awesome too!  These are real people, that we met, that now get to LIVE their lives the way God intented...happy!

That brings me to the financial side...to see single Moms go up on stage and cry tears of joy because, just a few months before, had lost everything...home, car, belongings...now, because someone introduced her to this opportunity....walks across the stage as an ambassador making 10,000+ per month...and no, this was not just a select few...this was stage-full, after stage-full, of REAL people from towns near us, that were in the same boat as some of us...they didn't "know" marketing people or have high-up "in's" in the company...stories of bankruptcies no longer needed, first vacations, first new cars, the ability to pay all their bills and help some others pay theirs, the ability to GIVE more!   I don't think we will wait on the government to creat new jobs, I think we will spread health, get paid by an amazing company, and be blessed to give and help others even more!!  That right there, is what this company is built upon...help others...build eachother up, pay it forward, teamwork, mentoring, it's all we could ask for. This event confirmed to both, Billy and I, that it is faith-driven, and we are blessed to be part of it!  I love Visalus! 

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