Saturday, October 27, 2012

Annual trip down Spooky Lane

In a close neighborhood there is a cul-de-sac that does a huge display for Halloween. We go for a visit each October, because they really go "all out" with this spooky decorations!  We park up the street and then walk around the displays.
a guy in an electric chair was 1st at the was
very realistic, buzzing and vibrating...yikes!
This year, Billy had to carry Taylor while Blake walked around being "brave", saying, "oh, that wasn't scary", but it WAS.  A big hairy tarantula spider jumped out of a box toward him and he jumped so hard...he was embarassed, I was happy.
tons of baby zombies...the most creepy least the kids "know"
that this stuff doesn't actually exist...but still...
To be honest, much of the stuff was too gorey.  It was downright creepy. Poor Tay went to church the next morning to tell her Sunday school teacher about everything she saw...I had to explain that it was all "pretend" stuff! May not go back again, too scarey...both kids begged to sleep with us that night! 

The kids talk about this one b/c she was rocking her
zombie baby really HARD..yuck!

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