Sunday, March 20, 2011

All I wanna do is "lose" my two front teeth

Blake lost one upper front tooth weeks ago and has kept the tooth in a safe little jewelry box.  He has mixed feelings about whether he wants to give up the tooth to the tooth fairy for some cash, or save it as a keepsake!  

As the second front tooth got more and more wiggly...he decided that he would put both of the front teeth under his pillow at the same time to see what the tooth fairy might leave since it's his "two" front teeth together!!!!  HMMMMmmm...I wonder how much $$$ she should leave for both of them??!?!?!

He has babied this wiggly tooth for a couple weeks and tonight, it was finally too loose for him to eat his dinner, so he went around sucking his spit in, making terrible whistling noise, until I just chased him down, and grabbed it out with a paper towel...he said that wiggled it, but then we sent him to the mirror and he noticed that it was gone!!  YAY!  He's one happy camper to get it out!
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