Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the WOLF pack is formed

Tonight was the first den meeting of the Wolf Cubs.  Blake graduated from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf Cub last year and was super excited to start back in with scouting! 

Blake is ready for the meeting, in uniform!
The meeting started out with some "pie tin" washers.  The kids had a blast, throwing & losing the washers!

Blake's buddy, Kanin joined this year...so happy :)
The crazy wolf cubs!!!

Learning about the flag ceremony and how to properly carry
the American Flag!

Hanging the flag as an opening ceremony

The Pledge of Allegiance, and what it means to us.
Learning to properly fold our Flag

Needing some help from Kanin's Mom, April

They did great!

Wild wolfs after eating "dirt & worms"!

closing ceremony
This is gonna be a great year of scouting, we are planning to attend more of the camping and outdoor events this year! Last year we had two sports and dance all going on at the same time and I am not over crowding schedules this year...I hope!

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