Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Taylor goes under!!!

I remember the day that Blake took off his water wings and "jumped in"...he has been a fish ever since.  Tay did the exact same thing!  She tried on Bubby's goggles and went underwater to "see" what she could see...well, that was the last day that this little gal would stay ABOVE water!!!  She wants to be under all the time...she even jumps off and goes under!  Yesterday, happy to just swim around with her little swim jacket...hating to even get splashed in the face...Today, a little fish!!  It seems to all happen in just one day!


learning to "not breathe" underwater...thumbs up!

That's Tay underwater after jumping!!!

Tay spent the day, going under...her big Bro has sure
taught her a bunch!!!

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