Monday, February 25, 2013

How can my girl be 5?!?!

I am having a hard time accepting that my baby girl could possibly be FIVE years old!!! I seriously want to cry, she will be in Kindergarten next fall...where did the time go? I feel like I am having pre-empty nest syndrome! But that didn't stop my little gal from turning 5 today...

Blake, bless his little heart, has been planning Tay's bday since Christmas. He is proud to have a Nintendo DS that he is so graciously giving her. He even helped me pick out a new skin for it, to help make it her very own. He gave her the case and all the accessories to go along with it! He even stayed up late the night before to set it all up just perfectly, to make her birthday super special. He even made her an entire activity book by hand, he has to be the best big brother a little sis could have!

Taylor woke up to gifts, a handmade cake (thanks to Blake and I), steamers, and the whole nine yards. We always do this early in the morning, so Daddy can stay and be part of it.

Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny came over to shower her with gift after gift. They really go too far, they brought her toy puppies, toy kitties, and so much more! Then we headed to Pizza Street for lunch together, we ate pizza and played arcade games...she won a ton of candy. She calls it "the load"! lol!

This little girl is growing up, I still watch her sleep like when she was a baby. Her lips are poochy and absolutely adorable. She always insists on hugging after we have an argument to "make up", she is a little princess that can battle to the end with her big brother and his friends, she loves pretending to be a Mommy and Waitress/store owner, but her heart lies mostly with her pet animal toys. She wants to be a Zoo Keeper when she grows up...I just want to take time to play with her, before she is all grown up...Happy Birthday, my big girl.

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