Sunday, November 30, 2014

Morning Traditions

I must admit, I LOVE the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas! It's the excitement of the holiday, the looking forward to a time of giving, the planning of special occasions, the arrival of Buddy-our Christmas Elf, and the daily opening of the Advent Calendar! The kids love to see what's in that calendar...I place a scripture to read inside and then a fun activity that ties along with it. Sometimes it's a fun thing to go do, and sometimes it's a kind act- like choosing a toy to give away to someone less fortunate. AND, they get there little tiny chocolate piece wonder they are so excited for the holiday season!

We invite Buddy, our Elf back each year on Thanksgiving night and sure enough, this year he came back with an aviator's leather jacket and goggles! And just like clockwork...Taylor jumped up at 5am to find him before Bubby did...his new "look" totally threw her off and she thought he was a completely different!  In the years past, Blake would walk Taylor around the house, helping her to find him, this year, she would wake at the crack of dawn (and sometimes before), just to race to find him first! 

Taylor spent a lot of time, talking to Buddy, giving him her wish lists, and asking him to deliver messages to Santa. Since he ended up working especially hard this season, we made him a little fleece scarf with "warm fuzzies" will keep him warm from the cold and feeling loved all year!

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