Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blake turns 12!!!

The years just keep flying by...Blake is 12 YEARS OLD!! He started middle school this year, and has really grown up a ton.  We love all of his teachers and they all keep reminding us how much they love having Blake in their class. They say he is kind and friendly, always smiling and they all especially like his sense of humor...I worry about that one a! He is an awesome kid, he has been working really hard, getting pretty much straight A's! We are blessed with this 12 year old for sure.

He decided that he would rather get extra money than host a party this year. Honestly, they are alot of work for us AND for him...he has a couple best friends that do not get along and it makes it hard to plan things. He woke up to his favorite honey bun breakfast, Tay helped with the candles and making the house especially decorated for him! We did a family party, inviting Aunt Sissy, Uncle Danny, and Nick. We ordered pizza and had a huge XBOX cake that we decorated! He got Halo 5 xbox game, a remote controller charger and $50 from Aunt Sissy! We ended the night by playing LCR with real money, I think Nick ended up the big winner :)

We also let him have his other best bud, Nico, over for a sleepover the following weekend. They stayed up all night playing video games. Happy boys.

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