Thursday, May 5, 2016

2nd grade Memories with Mom

PSE always does special stuff for us Moms around Mother's Day. This year Taylor hosted Memories with Mom was so darn adorable! She invited me into her classroom, had little gifts all set up, even brought me some muffins and donuts to the desk to share. My place mat read: "I love my Mom because she would do anything to save me. I love her and she loves me. She does alot of things me." AWWWW!! (happy tears-sniff sniff) She's so darn cute!

 After we had our special time together in her classroom, all of the 2nd grade students gathered together with Mrs. Cassel and sang to all the Moms. It was the sweetest production ever! I love love loved it! I am so am I so blessed? Thanks God!

 Below is the portrait Taylor created of me and another picture of me wearing the necklace she made and gave to me at school. So sweet!

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