Saturday, November 30, 2019

November to Remember

The first weekend in November began with an early morning performance & clinic at the Gateway British Brass Band festival at Ritenour High School in St. Louis. The Bulldogs did amazing and brought back such fond memories when they played a piece from The Pale Blue Dot! I literally had to hold back tears, they are amazing.

Seems like many of our pictures are of these silly pups just livin' the life! Tay and I went on a shopping day together & went to Madi's 1st bday party. We also took both pups to the dog park was Millie's first time ever and only Milo's second visit. It started out really rocky, but after a long walk on the leash to wear them out, they eventually got to go inside the doggy part and meet some friends. We are gonna try to take them more often so they can be used to other dogs.

Tay and Mayven at Madi's bday!

We had our first snow of the winter on November 11th. It was Millie's first ever snow and Milo sure showed her how a snowday is done! He is my winter pup and was tiny during last years blizzards!

Since the kids aren't at Progress South anymore, we don't get to participate in the wonderful assembly that honors our Veterans so well. We still honor our own WWII vet, my Dad, and are thankful for all who have served. Such a special holiday.

More pictures of the kids with these silly fur babies...they sure are entertaining! Looking back through the photos to do this post makes me realize that we did spend quite a bit of time in the family room, eating by the lit up tree & fire. I didn't post all the food/tree pics but there were quite a few. The only food pics are the ones that were on Thanksgiving eve, we had all planned on having company that day, no one came, so we ended up having a quiet evening, eating pizza while watching Christmas Vacation...perfect night.

Thanksgiving eve, enjoying pizza and lights! 
The picture below has a funny story! We mess with Tay so bad...we just went to Petsmart to buy a training collar for Millie. She barks at everything out back and hasn't responded to any other training methods. After much research, we decided to try a shock collar. Anyways, we come home and are reading the instructions, Billy is reading it aloud, so all of us can follow the same procedure. (Trying to be responsible here) Billy reads, "to ensure proper amount ofo shock is being administered, place collar on youngest child, turn voltage to highest possible setting, press and hold the red button". Taylor is over here, on the couch with her jaw dropped, jumps up and insists on seeing this in writing! It's so funny messing with her! BTW: no pets OR children were harmed during this

Taylor and I did our annual black Friday shopping trip...5am we were headed out! We hit Walmart, which was empty. Tay ended up buying a pack of good markers, that weren't even on Then we had breakfast at Chic-fil-a before heading to Target and Michaels. Tay bought a little pound puppy from Target and more markers/pens at Michaels....whoa, big shoppers we are! lol! The last picture shows what an early morning shopping trip causes...pure exhaustion!


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