Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time Marches On...

As the temps rise and the days grow longer, you notice that summer is near. Along with summer comes, warm days, BBQ grilling, swimming pools…and this year…the end of Kindergarten. I have had reminders in Blake’s backpack for weeks now, so why am I surprised that today is the Progress South Elementary School’s parade? It takes place on the last day of the school year. A gathering of children ranging from Kindergarten to fifth grade, police cars, a fire engine, boy scouts, teachers, and parents all making a final trip around the school and nearby neighborhood, marching their way into summer vacation! It is an amazing way to end a great year. I feel so blessed to be a part of it, but still emotion seems to take over…
Everyone with kids realize how fast time flies, but I am amazed that my little guy’s first year in school is already over! I’m not even sure I finished all of his homework yet! (most of the homework for Kindergarten is for the parents!) It seems like just yesterday, I was bawling like a baby as he entered the elementary school doors on that first day of Kindergarten, and now I’m crying to see him complete it…the problem is…I can’t tell if they are tears of joy or sadness. I suppose a bit of each. Anxiety sets in when I think how quickly our babies grow up…I am so proud of the person Blake is growing into, but there is still a part of me that wants him to stay little. I guess I should accept some assurance from him, as he watches me cry, he promises, “Mom, I’ll ALWAYS be your little guy!” I know he means it, even if he is rolling his big blue eyes as he says it!

Blake's First Day of Kindergarten

-Crazy Sock Day !!!

-First homework assignment

-1950's Day

-Blake's school pic

-Young Author's fair

-Pajama Day !!!

-Beach Day !!!

-Blake's Favorite Artwork


-Kanin, Hayden, & Blake

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