Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghost stories by flashlight

The kids and I are solo on Thursday nights after dance, because Billy has band practice.  Since the kids are out of school tomorrow, we decided to make it a late night to tell ghost stories by flashlight, under our homemade tent!! 

Blake's peekin out!

Sophie's trying to get in!!!  She wont fit!

Tay is ready...popcorn & flashlight!

"What?!?!?....I'm not scared"

Blake read stories to us, and made some up....his was
more funny than scary.  The night of the living sled,
I think from a club penguin game...made us crack up!

Taylor picked her favorite scary story...the
body book...after all, it DOES have bones
in it!! lol!
We sat under the tent with our flashlights as we read spooky books, munched on popcorn, told Halloween jokes, then got a bit scared for real...the kids had to turn off every light in the house and I guess that spooked the dog, because she started growling and barking ferociously...I asked Blake is he was sure the front door was locked, he "thought" he was hand was behind him,he grabbed it and was holding on, when I asked him to hand me my drink...he said he didn't want to let go of my hand, and I said, "you're not holding MY hand", he felt the hand he was holding and jumped so bad...poor kid, it was my hand, but a little joke won't hurt, right?!? 

We took turns telling ghost stories and I had to retell one that we told around a campfire on our last camp trip..."do you hear the sound of the frogs all around?  Sounds innocent...except the fact that these are vampire frogs with fangs that can rip right through a tent!!!"  Needless to say, he is curled up right next to me, in my bed for the night, snoozing away...way too scared to sleep up in his room!

To be honest, I felt just like one of the kids, a bit worried about why the silly dog was still growling...we all started laughing at each other for being was a great night! 

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