Monday, October 31, 2011

Mars needs Moms AND so does Blake

Lately, Blake and I have been butting heads! I ask him to do something around the house and he literally throws a fit...slumps his shoulders and lets out an "UGHHHHH!!" I cannot stand to hear that sound! 

In this movie, it starts out with a Mom doing her job of "parenting", the son acts up and eventually says, "I wish I didn't have a Mom!", all because she tried to get him to eat his broccoli...he starts feeling bad about it and by the time he tries to say sorry, it's too late....she's gone.  The entire story, he is trying to SAVE HIS MOM, and in the process, teaches aliens (and himself) what Moms are really all about. 

Throughout the movie, he kept noticing that he is alot like the boy in the film and he'd look over at me with a look that said, "Yeah, yeah, I know...". Then, at the end, the Mom tried to give her own life to save him...YES, I cried...I usually do! lol!! As the movie came to an end...Blake turned to me, throwing up his arms, like he is finally going to surrender,  "I give...I do need you, even if you are mean sometimes". Awww...who knew that this movie would have hit home like it did! A must see for the family that sometimes forgets how important each other are. We loved it!

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