Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney, you made me so sad

When we heard about the death of Whitney Houston last night, I was immediately overwhelmed with sadness.  I wasn't like a hard-core fan or anything, but realized that her and her music have been around through many of "the firsts" in my life.  "I will always love you" was me and my 1st boyfriend's "official song", it was also the 1st slow song that I danced to at my 1st boy/girl dance in Junior High.  Those few memories must be part of why I found myself weeping, during the morning news this morning.  That along with the fact, that she was such an amazingly talented person, who should still have so much to live for.  To an outsider like me,she looked to have it all.  I know the hardships that she has gone through with" love gone wrong" and drug abuse, it's just so heart-wrenching that her life may have been over due to one of those.  Whatever caused her life to end, I just pray that she will be remembered for her wonderful music.

R.I.P Whitney Houston

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