Friday, November 29, 2013

Decorating for Christmas

We usually bring up the "kid" tree and decorate the family room with all the memories from year's past, on Thanksgiving night, but we were tired. We decided to relax and enjoy feeling stuffed and do the decorating on Friday.

The reindeer is in decorating action!

they must take a break for play time! Blake is the
reindeer this time! lol!  Gitty-up!
The kids and I dug out most of the decorations and waited for Daddy to get home from work to get out the ornaments. Most of them have memories to read as we get them out. I love this part!

We started out with hot cocoa!

Our 1st ornaments, we took turns reading memories, all the way back to
their very first Christmas'

Taylor made these at our dear friend, April's house! She remembers
the kids Christmas party!

Baby Angel ornaments- "Tis' A Gift From God"- and my babies truly are!

Perfect timing for Sophie to go get her Santa toy and make Blake play!!

Blake's hand-made Pokémon ornament from
last year.

Our Anna Maria Island ornament from our 1st family vacation!

The boys did have to take a break!

looking beautiful!

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