Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day

I love any special occasion where we can show extra special love to each other...Valentine's Day is no different. I will admit though, that this particular Valentine's Day is a bit sad, we just lost our dear friend Joan and her services are tomorrow. I know that she would want lots of love shown on this day and all days, so we shall! The day was filled with lots of hugs, small gifts of affection, and candy...all wonderful things...

Taylor made us a cute gift. It's a big heart covered in her tiny little thumbprint that says, "Thumb-body loves you".  ADORABLE! 

Both kids "Dressed for Success" the day before. They did their Valentine parties at school and Taylor was excited to make her very 1st Valentine collection box. She chose an ice cream container, covered with cut outs of puppies and kittens. Totally "her"! Blake felt a bit too grown up to do another collection box...he sure wasn't too big to eat all the goodies that came home though! 

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