Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blake's 10th Birthday Bash!

Today is the day that Blake got to have his 10th birthday bash at Vetta Sports! This was an amazing gift that was given to we walked in, we saw a welcome sign!

We made little Hershey Minecraft Creeper guys for the treat bags and decorated a yellow cake with green icing and Hershey bars to make a big Minecraft Creeper. The Chocolate cake had square starbursts with the #10 on it, along with a Minecraft sword that Bella made for him.  

Lots of his friends came to celebrate with him, we were so happy to see all of them because it had been a long 3 weeks out of school for Christmas break and snow days. Billy and Mike (Mikey & Ashlynn's Dad) got the party started with a football game! Blake absolutely loves football now! 

The biggest thing that Blake has talked about in regards to the party is the
awesome football game they played and the runs he made!
Here are the little sisters! The cheer section!!
Next, the two party helpers ushered the kids upstairs to the inflatable bouncy house! The kids flew up and down slides, in and out of the bounce house, they really got worn out!

This is an awesome group of kids!
Next was the Party Room! The kids got to have some cake and ice cream and then Blake opened presents.  His friends are so generous, they really went out of their way to make him feel special and showered him with the nicest gifts.  It was really too much.

He got to sit in the HUGE chair for the presents...he took
time to read each card and thanked each friend
for their gift...I took a pic of them together...cute!
This was the best birthday ever! I enjoyed watching the kids play and chatting with the Moms. I kept looking around and feeling especially thankful for the wonderful people that we have been blessed to have in our lives...Happy 10th Birthday Bash, my sweet boy!

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  1. Wow!! What a great birthday party. Loved to see all kids enjoying. It reminded me of my nephew’s birthday party that was arranged few days ago at one of venues in NYC. My sister did a great job in preparing everything perfectly.