Monday, January 6, 2014

My boy is 10 Years Old!

How can my sweet baby boy be 10 years old?!!?!?  He is an amazing little fella, he is caring and sweet with a temper and attitude (only to us, here at!)  He has had a big year....he is now a mini-webelo in scouts, he camped for 3 days in 100 degree heat at Beaumont, he is a responsible "old fashioned" 4th grader (as per his teacher), he read the entire old and new testament Lego brick Bible and decided to be baptized!  He joined the school choir and began hip hop dance classes again. He loves run club and had fun in Spanish club too!  He really has been doing quite a bit!

His birthday, this year, fell on Monday....the first day back to school from Christmas break. But...there was a historic snowfall of 12 inches or so, followed by a frigid "vortex" (yes, that is a word I learned from the weather man), so he got to stay home on his bday...SNOWDAY!!!

Taylor and I decorated the dining room for him to have a wonderful surprise to wake up to.  Taylor got him a Minecraft paper building set, Daddy and I pre-ordered him the Pokedex he has been wanting, and the biggest surprise of all...a super sweet Mom from cub scouts gave us a huge bday party at Vetta sports!  Now Blake gets to invite all of his friends to come and celebrate with him! This was the sweetest surprise to all of us!  We wrapped up the invitations and he was thrilled to open that!  We sang him "Happy Birthday" and let him blow out the candles on his iced honey bun for breakfast!



I cannot even explain how proud of him I am.  He is my same baby boy, he just doesn't want me to call him that...although he is used to us all calling him "Bubby" because of little Sis.  He still asks me to tuck him into bed, read to him, say prayers together and just talk. Many a evening, he will come and cuddle next to me on the couch, he acts like he doesn't like hugs and kisses anymore but he sure comes running fast when I ask for them!  He makes me laugh, I sure love him.  My fast-growing boy.

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