Sunday, December 29, 2013

Church Today- Remembering Mom

Our old church back home, sent us one
of these hymn books to remember
Mom by...sweet keepsake :)

Today was Family Service Sunday at church today...we have the kids stay with us for worship and service, every 5th Sunday of the month. As Taylor sat, right up next to reminded me of sitting next to my Mom in church. I can still smell her perfume, hear the sound of her voice singing those old songs out of the hymn book. I remember getting bored and digging through her purse, she didn't like that at all, but she sure had some neat things in there! Thinking about that now, it was probably the normal things that I would carry in my purse now- cough drops (but since her's was cherry Luden's, I thought they were candy), a little memo pad, pens, chapstick, hand lotion etc. Not so "neat" things to me Looking through her Bible was interesting too...I remember the bookmarks, pictures, and little notes that she had in between the pages.  Even some funeral announcements, church bulletins, and little cards sent from loved ones were tucked in there.

I know that this is probably not what I was "supposed" to remember from years of Sunday morning services...but it is...I sure miss my Mom and am grateful to her for taking me to church.

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